Tom, Adam, Joel and Callum receive their Queens Badges at Liverpool

A Town planner in the making !!! 

Build and race the cars


Hello said the legs!!!

Battalion shooting champions 

Camp Group 2014 Corfe Castle 

Winners of the Best Tent Competition 2014 at Corfe Castle 

Geocaching takes you to the most out of the way places. Callum and Adam search for the illusive box. 

Ok; Where did the ball go??? 

2014 Battalion Indoor games for Company Section

Top team for the programmed sports 

James and  Danny receiving their Queens Badges from the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire Mr David Briggs MBE

Friends badge presentation to Sarah, Alex, Ellie and Jo. Thanks for many years grateful service to the BB in Elworth 

Baton handover from Middlewich at Rookery Bridge

Setting up the stand at the Sandbach United FC opening

An unexpected guest at our 2011 annual camp in Devon

The start of the 24 hours of non-stop games

Serious stuff this world domination...

Jack wins the "Robin Hood" Award for nearest the target...It was the best fluke shot of the  competition.

The cool squad 

We always have speeches...  

What are they up to now... 

                            James Surveying the job

                           Deep discussion on progress

   Danny loading blocks for holding the bank in place.

    Why are the heavy materials always at the bottom of the hill?

                            Checking the run for the last drain

                                      After 5 weeks JOB DONE

Sam collecting his Queen's Badge from Sir David Trippier at Lancashire Police HQ 20th May 2012

The 2011 Panto cast take bow Where Robin Hood and Queen Victoria fit in Cinderella is anybodies guess

Trying to rule the world at 3:00am

Anchor Boys doing their 1861 news quiz  24/05/11. They even dressed for the part.

Marconi would be proud; the radio actually worked, after the removal of a few shorts.

Adam and Callum with their NSRA awards for shooting in a National Competition 

Our 40th Birthday cake..... delicious!!!

The only fire station with a bath on the roof... 

Storm Troopers on parade

Found it, all smiles from Jack  

Are you sure that the ball is big enough? 

Nice shirt Jack 

Black and White to match the old style uniform and drill routine. 

Queen Victoria receives Burma... You had to be there. 

This is why do don't wear hats any-more... 

Danny and Greg with the Queen's Jubilee Baton

Gold Medal winners at the Open Evening

Anchors Boys with their version of a proper CUP CAKE

 Anchor Boys not to be left out in the early stages. Table tennis is safer than darts, but only just.

Greg and sapling!!

In your dreams... 

Winners of the Camp Olympics events 

Very Nice too 

Yes we know that you are the Anchor Boys... 

Wyatt faces the Clantons... 

Nobody got hurt in the making of this event. 

Baton handover to North Staff's Battalion at Kidsgrove

Busy all afternoon

 Early messing about in the 24 hour games

Night time approaches

Midnight and still going strong

James up to his knees in it

Danny gets a planting lesson, soil bit down.

Tree planting for Queens Badge Community Service, a bit wet!!!

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