Tom and Sam take our recruitment campaign to Red Shift Radio

Under the gaze of the judge 

One for luck!!!

All smiles at the end

Concentrate James


Anchor Boys April Fool Indoor Games. 

The rules are explained 

Only boys would enjoy this!!! 

Success... a MARBLE 

Sam is off to a flying start 

Look one handed 

Oliver prefers the sneeky approach 

Make your mind up Oliver it's a race... 

Blindfold panel ready for food tasting 

Ready for pass the banana 

Start with paper and a track suit 

First aid required I think!!! 

So far so good... 

Where is the lifeguard?? 

Adam and Joel sighting up on a quiet Saturday morning 

Joel prefers telescopic sights 


More tongue techniques  

Time to paint

The end result, and very nice too. 

The piano has to go. Assessing the job

Try tuning this!!!

Anchor Boys ready for the off...

Anchor Boys need to rest after their football demo

Widow TWANKY and Jack I think!!

Juniors build the Tower of Babel as their contribution to Bible Fresh Week

Yes Sam they spell words!!!

Surely you can throw them a bit closer to the bucket

Its wider than you think James...

This should be good!!! 

What on earth is in the pan??? 

What are they looking for?? 

Junior section International team Games (Below)

Steady does it Rhys  

William makes a grab 

I never touched him ref...honest 

Not a good start 

This was the best picture of a pass, the rest would put you off your tea... 

Tear neatly!!! 

Job Done 

That's more like it 

Success for James... 

Adam takes aim , three hits in three shots at 25 yards on a half inch target.

Adam checks to see by just how much he missed the target... and he did!!! 

You have to stick out your tongue to make pots according to the  instructor.

The raw result

This is the "Toothy Grin" painting technique.

                                IN YOUR DREAMS

The last tinkle

Job done

Juniors parade their make believe country for the Olympics. I'm not too sure that it is make believe!!

A "nameless" junior celebrates, not quite sure what!!!

They sounded much worse than they look

The whole cast of Jack and the bean/grapevine-stalk complete with DODO!!!

Our Company Captain models cycling safety gear at the last Parade Service. 

Company Section having fun with their version of Pinata on a free night. Neither the bear or the purple rabbit made it through the evening in one piece.  

The ball is just the right size

The ball is just the right size

Dodge Ball Anchor Boy style

 A game of crab football always a favourite with the Junior Section

Not quite the chicken dinner he had in mind!!!

Jumping through hoops for fun!!!

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